Time to Find Your Niche as a Blogger – Part 2

Lesson one first step Why is travel blogging a good option. Well it has the ability to open new doors setting up a blog is easy cheap and reliable.

If you attract the right people you could get sponsorships partnerships and even donations. Creating a small user base will help you gather the much needed attention.

Yes freelancing is also an option especially if you have other skills such as drawing editing etc.. Having a traveling blog will not only attract people that are stuck at their 9 to 5 jobs sitting at a desk reading about your adventures.

It will also offer possibilities such as future ability to open an online memorabilia store. The ability to sell your photos on different sites. Ability to create a supporting community that will encourage you to visit different places and most importantly you will have direct access to insight regarding the countries that your users reside in.

Now that you’ve understood the advantages and disadvantages it’s time to think of a name for your blog. Think of something that represents you as a person or something that represents your cause.

Experiment with names. Since we’ve already found our Aneesh we will make everything count.

Starting a blog can be fun. You’ll learn new things like selecting the right platform finding the right tools in order to boost its performance.

Managing social media finding domain names etc. it’s important to understand what type of travel blogger you’ll be.

What are you willing to do in order to step out of the blogging crowd. What makes you special. Think of ways to be different. Like having a mascot with you or a catchphrase a sign that you use throughout your adventures that is dedicated to the viewers.

Make them identify themselves with something. Once you’ve identified that.

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